CapCut – Free Video Editor – Online Video Editing App

CapCut is a flexible and user-friendly video editor app. It is the official and completely free video maker for TikTok.

CapCut offers free advanced capabilities like keyframe animation, chroma key, Picture-in-Picture (PIP), smooth slow-motion effects and stabilization to let you record and snip moments. This is in addition to its fundamental functions like video editing, text, stickers, filters, colors, and music.

Make sophisticated videos with additional distinctive features like text-to-speech, motion tracking, auto captioning, trending styles, and background removal. Go viral on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook by showcasing your personality!

What does CapCut App do?

The robust video editor CapCut app, also known as Viamaker. It is available for Android devices, iOS and PC. Now it is simple to post-produce creative multimedia works. With the help of this application online, you can add, trim, and modify clips as well as change their values and add music and stickers.

Capcut Free Video Editor App
Capcut Free Video Editor App

With CapCut, creating videos is based on manipulating a timeline, where you may add different elements in different stages to enhance your work. Additionally, you can choose any section of the clip and alter it however you choose.

You can add a wide variety of tunes, voices, stickers, and typefaces to your clip using CapCut’s extensive collection. When you are done editing, click the export option to post your work to social media platforms like TikTok. With this program, making a good, high-definition video only takes a handful of minutes.

You can effortlessly edit videos without the need for complicated software. Utilize all the available filters, virtual stickers, and other features to make your videos appealing and entertaining.

Capcut features
Capcut features

Features of Cap Cut Video Editor

As described already, the app comes with great set of functionalities. Following are the main features of Capcut editor online:

Simple Video Editing

  • Divide or combine videos, and edit and compress clips.
  • Implement speed slopes to clips and change the video frequency from 0.1x to 100x.
  • Transform video clips to create stunning zoom-in and zoom-out effects.
  • Use the rewind and reverse functions to create engaging video content for social media.
  • Use the freeze tool to highlight the best parts of clips and video blogging.
  • Examine several transitional choices for amazing effects at transitions between video.

State of the Art Video Editing Tools

  • Across all options, keyframe video animation is possible.
  • Use the speed curve tool and visual flow function in video editing to produce fluid slow-motion.
  • To exclude specific colors from movies, use the chroma key.
  • The stabilising tool keeps video footage steady.
  • Use the Picture-in-Picture (PIP) ability to overlay photos and picture layers above the clip and effortlessly combine them.
Awesome video editing tools
Awesome video editing tools

Exceptional Features

  • Automate voice detection and captions in clips using auto captions.
  • Background removal: instantly and free of cost removes background from videos.
  • Current fashions: Take use of innovative and frequently updated features like 3D magnificationauto velocity, and others.

Add Stickers, Emoji and Text

  • Choose the best caption font using original text templates, and add text to films in a variety of fonts and styles.
  • Font formats for subtitles can be imported.
  • Subtitles can be inserted to the video tracks’ timeline and relocated or modified all at once.
  • Ability to Save and export Captions or Subtitles to SRT or TXT formats

Popular Filters and Effects

  • Match different filters to different types of video footage using the most recent and latest trends.
  • Edit films with thousands of popular effects, such as 3D, Glitch, and Blur.
  • Add motion picture video overlays or change the video’s brightness, contrast, etc. to alter the color.
  • Apply latest new trend capcut templates with amazing output in seconds.

Audio and Music Effects

  • With thousands of audio clips and soundtracks, add music to videos.
  • Most of the music is royalty free. Millions of copyright free options to choose from.
  • To sync your favorite TikTok music, just login and it will automatically syncs your account with TikTok.
  • Take recordings, snippets, and extract audio out of videos.

Hassle Free Sharing Options

  • Custom video output quality, 4K 60fps export capabilities, and intelligent HDR.
  • Ability to save and export high definition video content.
  • Format the video differently and post your own works on TikTok as well as other social networking sites.

Why Should I use CapCut Video Maker App Online?

CapCut is a completely free video editor and video maker tool that has all you need to produce beautiful, top-notch videos. Beginners may quickly get up and running with Cap Cut while experienced users can take advantage of all the features required for video editing.

Utilize the unique video editor and movie maker features to showcase your uniqueness. Once your music video is complete, you can easily publish it on social media to get likes, comments, and views from everyone.

Cap Cut Keyframe Animation
Cap Cut Keyframe Animation

Important Questions about Cap Cut

Users face challenges or issues and will be finding solutions for the same. In order to address the queries we have listed down the following regularly asked questions:

Is my data safe?

Your data is completely safe and no information is shared with any third parties.
According to the app developer, this app doesn’t divulge user information to outside businesses or organizations.

From where shall I download and install CapCut?

You can download Capcut for Android from the Google Play Store and for iOS on the Apple App store. Once you click on download and install, the app would appear in your phone application drawer or screen. The app is now also available on PC. Same can be understood from the next section.

Is CapCut available on PC and Laptop?

Yes Capcut is now available for Personal Computers and Laptops. For Windows operating system PC you can download it from here. You will need 8GB memory, DirectX Version 9, 2 GB video memory, x64 architecture on your PC. Capcut for PC works on Windows 10 OS or higher. Processor such as Intel Core 6 or AMD Ryzen 1000 may be needed for better performance.

For advanced graphics performance, go for NVIDIA GTX 900, Intel HD 5500 or AMD RX560 with at least 2 GB GPU VRAM.

For MAC based computers you may download the app here. You can do so using an emulator here.

How to install CapCut on to PC?

CapCut is available for Android as well as iOS operating systems. You will require an emulator, such as Bluestacks, MemuPlay, NoxPlayer or LDPlayer, in order to install it on your computer. Now direct option has been made available where you can directly download the PC app from official website.

Is CapCut available for editing Online?

Yes. Capcut is also available online free no download. Just visit the official website of Capcut and click on Get Started. It will take you to a video editing screen just like what you see on your mobile app or desktop.

There is no requirement to download any separate software. All the video editing tools are available online on just your web browser.

What are some of the security practices followed?

Your information is sent in a secure environment so that there is no data leakage in transit. For this, the data is encrypted in a certain manner. In case you want your data to be deleted, just request the app developer to do so.

Does Capcut cost money or is it free?

Capcut is a completely free application and does not cost you any money. Many tools and features are there which you can use it for free. You can use it for free both on iOS and Android. However, in order to avail certain premium features you may subscribe for a Pro version and get benefits such as additional storage, ad free version etc.

How to get Capcut Mod and what does it do?

Modified versions of the original mobile apps that were released with them are known as MOD APKs. Modified APKs are created to provide consumers access to updated or new features that aren’t included in the app’s initial release.

You can obtain the Capcut MOD APK on lot of online websites. Just do a search and you will get lot of links to download the latest Cap Cut MOD PRO APK.

With the Capcut MOD PRO you can get the following:

  • Under the Obtain Projects option, download and modify projects.
  • It allows project file import and export and combine many videos into one.
  • Without sacrificing quality, combine and reduce footage.
  • Including comprehensive video effects and filters fit for a movie, such the glitch effect, stop motion, retro, RGB, etc.
  • Change the video’s saturation, contrast, and brightness.
  • Customized video effects and filters.

What are some of the advanced features of CapCut?

Capcut offers the following advanced features for seamless and more professional video edits:

  • Keyframe Effects: Capcut has included a new feature called Keyframe. You may use Keyframe to make an animation for your video or image.
  • Glitch Effect: The main source of a glitch is a video editing filter, which alters the colors and corrupts images.
  • Slow-mo Effect: It is a method for reducing the speed of video during video editing, also goes by the term Slow-mo Effect. A basic video clip with the smooth slow-motion Effect has an itemized appearance.

What data is collected?

The application collects basic information from you such as following:

  • Approximate location
  • Photos and videos
  • Voice or sound recordings, Music files and Other audio files
  • App interactions, In-app search history and Other actions
  • App information and performance stats: Crash logs and Diagnostics
  • Device or other IDs for App functionality, Analytics, Fraud prevention, security and compliance, Personalisation, Account management

What are some of the alternatives to Capcut?

Capcut is one of the best application for your video editing needs. It is rated number 1 in both play store and apple app store. However, if you are looking for similar apps or alternatives you may try Filmora, KineMaster, Funimate, InShot Video Editor, MX Player, VN Video Editor, Vizmato, PowerDirector, Vivavideo and VideoShow etc.

Is there any watermark on Cap cut videos?

It’s true that CapCut adds a watermark to the videos you produce. You may either pay to have it removed or you can have it removed for free by trimming the video or theme you use.

How to login or Sign in?

Now it is easy to register and create an account on Cap cut. Click on the “me” button on the bottom of the screen and follow the instructions. You can use Google, Facebook or TikTok as the various sign in options. Just read our detailed guide on how to log in on Android, iOS, PC or directly on online website.

What to do if Capcut not working or App Error?

There are chances that Cap Cut is not working properly or shows error. There are chances that it gives error message like “No Internet Connection“. In such cases just ensure that you are properly connected to the internet on Wi-Fi or mobile data. If it is still not working then try opening the app through a VPN such as NordVPN, Express VPN, Turbo VPN etc.

There are chances that you might face issues like lagging, crashing, stop responding etc. In such cases simple solution is to trim or delete the last few seconds of the video and then try exporting.

What to do if Capcut is not available or banned in your country?

In certain cases the Capcut app is not available in Play Store or Apple app store. It might be because the app might not be banned in your country such as in India. The simple fix for that is as follows:

  • Download one of the good VPNs for Cap cut on mobile such as NordVPN, Express VPN, Turbo VPN
  • Launch the VPN. Now go to and download the latest Capcut version
  • Install the app through manual method. Remember to select Install unknown apps option checked in on your settings.
  • Accept the privacy policy and now continue to use the app in normal way

What are the permissions that needs to be granted?

Capcut has access to following items on your phone:

  • Microphone to record audio
  • Camera to capture photos and make videos
  • Storage to modify, delete, save and read the contents
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Photos and Media
  • Home settings and shortcuts
  • Collect data from Internet
  • Network access
  • Uninstall shortcuts
  • Prevent device from sleeping
  • Run at startup
  • Install shortcuts
  • View network connections
  • Control vibration
Capcut snapshot
Capcut snapshot

What are the pros and cons of CapCut?

Following are the positives or advantages about this app:

  • Simple UI, panel-based operation
  • Rich tunes with copyright free music
  • A collection of usable templates to quickly create popular videos
  • Trending transitions, filters, and effects
  • Upwards of 20 languages are offered
  • Simple to export

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of the app:

  • Addition of tracks is relatively constrained.
  • Lack of sophisticated colour grading techniques that maintain the flexibility of all clips’ uniformity
  • Some features’ accuracy flaws, such as the removal of backdrop and body affects
  • On smartphones and tablets, don’t support landscape mode.
  • Frame rates higher than 60 FPS cannot be set

What are the features of CapCut pro?

You can subscribe to pro version of the app in order to receive additional features such as the following:

  • No watermarks on videos
  • No Advertisements in app
  • Simple to use
  • Tools for Professional Photo & Video Production
  • Strong Tool for Subtitles
  • More changes between video clips
  • Support several soundtracks, and change the length
  • Curve & key frame animation
  • Chroma Key and a green screen
  • Export GIF animation or MP4 video.
  • Fantastic animation, text, stickers, and video filters
  • Built-in video converter and compressor
  • Save your preferred components for quick reuse in upcoming projects.

How to get templates on Capcut?

On TikTok you can do the following to discover new template ideas:

  • Launch TikTok on your Android or iPhone.
  • Ensure that you are logged in.
  • In the top right corner, tap the search symbol.
  • CapCut templates should appear.
  • To discover the desired template, you can add extra keywords, such as slowmo and 3D zoom.
  • To explore the search results, swipe downward on the screen.
  • Tap to access these videos’ template previews

How to contact CapCut?

If you have any complaints, grievance or suggestions then you may directly write to the app developers at [email protected]. You can also reach the app developers on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Tiktok.

If you have suggestions or inputs for us you may directly contact us here.

How to get Capcut Latest Version?

In order to use the new features such as keyframes, auto velocity etc. you need to upgrade your app to latest version. Simply visit either Google Play store or Apple App Store (links provided earlier in the page). Click on “Update“. This should automatically upgrade the app to latest version.

You can also directly download the APKs from sites such as here or here.

Who is the founder of Capcut App?

Cap cut is owned and founded by ByteDance. The same company that owns TikTok. It was launched so that users can easily edit videos and create reels for publishing on TikTok. Read our detailed description on Who is the owner of Capcut? Find out about Bytedance

How to Edit Videos using Capcut?

Editing videos using Capcut is easy. Just open the app, click on “New Project“, allow access to your camera or media, choose your video clip and start making changes based on the timeline and tools available on the app.

You can watch the below tutorial on YouTube in order to learn to edit videos using CapCut:

How to use CapCut to edit videos

Latest VersionAndroid: 8.4.0
iOS: 2.1.0
Windows: 2.1.0
Last Updated OnAndroid: June 1, 2023
iOS: May 15, 2023
LicenseFree Software
Operating SystemAndroid, iOS, Windows, Mac
Premium purchasesStarts from $0.99 and up to $74.99 per item
Minimum RequirementAndroid: 5.0 and above
iOS: 11.0 or later
Windows: 10 or higher
Mac OS: 10.14 or later
RatingEveryone and All ages
Number of Downloads500 million plus
Download Size156 MB on Android
787 MB on iOS
LanguagesEnglish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Filipino, Indonesian, Korean, Russian, Thai, Malay, Chinese, Turkish and Vietnamese
CategoryPhoto & Video
Email ID[email protected]
Highlights of CapCut video editor and video maker

New Features in Latest Release

  • Projects accessible from desktop and mobile devices on CapCut Cloud Space.
  • New languages supported in auto captions viz. Italian, Turkish, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Dutch, Thai, Romanian and Malay
  • Split scene” is available now. Right click to 
  • Optimizations for efficiency and the user engagement
  • Keyframes may now be added to effects.
  • The color wheel has been added
  • There are now updated features for video noise reduction and flicker removal
  • Now accessible is a new feature of personalized cutout
  • There are now more choices for retouching
  • Exporting captions now has a new function
  • The ability to change audio channels is now a feature
  • Auto beat is now supported in local music
  • Now the shortcuts may be changed
  • Ability to remove filler words
  • Keyframes may now be moved on tracks and complex keyframe value graphs can be used.
  • Now you may combine the speed adjustments for different clips

Reviews on Capcut video editor

You’ll adore CapCut, an app created by the people behind TikTok, if you frequently upload material to the platform and want a feature-rich video editor for modifying clips on Android or iPhone.

This package offers related features like speed adjustments, filters, stickers, effects, background music, and even divide and rewind to make your movies more TikTok-ready because it is platform-focused.

When it comes to enhancing your videos, CapCut provides a mobile-friendly UI and fantastic features like auto-captioning and background-color removal for a green screen effect.

It is a perfect fit if you’re a TikTok maker or want to begin your content creation journey on the network, but it doesn’t offer a full editing program like other free apps for the platform.

Amazing! If you play about with all the options, it’s quite simple to use and it helped me so much. Even so, there are two issues. I go to correct any spelling errors I find in the text I type on the screen.

However, when I do, it malfunctions and multiplies a lot of letters, forcing me to start over. Lag is another issue. It lags horribly when I use editing tools like halo blur or colour edge. Apart from that, it’s fantastic! Definitely suggest for aspiring editors.

Editing videos on Capcut is simple
Editing videos on Capcut is simple


A specialised video editor created especially for mobile devices, CapCut – Video Editor, describes the capabilities and functions available. This app therefore combines a strong editor with a variety of effects, filters, and themes, as well as features for making GIFs and working with static images. The capabilities will be supplemented by a full-featured recorder with the capacity to view video, a music editor with an integrated library of audio effects, and music.

You will be able to produce a real clip in a matter of minutes thanks to the complex interface and built-in modules, and you’ll also be able to share it on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or WhatsApp.

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